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McClair: Matic Will Could Release Pogba

McClair: Matic Will Could Release Pogba

Manchester United’s legendary striker Brian McClair believes that Nemanja Matic’s presence will give Paul Pogba the freedom.

The Serbian midfielder was brought in by Chelsea, with a transfer fee of 40 million pounds, and McClair said he was happy with the arrival of the 29-year-old.

“United need a player who can sit behind Pogba, where he pulled out his best ability, when Michael Carrick was also on the pitch,” the striker told reporters.

“Michael has arrived in the final phase of his wonderful career. United need a player who can do the same, but can play more dynamically for the next few years. ”

“In the short term, I think someone like Matic can meet that criteria.”

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Wenger Ready For Arsenal Lost 125 Million Pounds, This Is The Cause

Wenger Ready For Arsenal Lost 125 Million Pounds, This Is The Cause

Arsene Wenger is ready to miss a chance to get a minimum of 125 million pounds by letting players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil survive until the end of next season Agen Domino Online.

Sanchez, Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere are among a group of players whose contract is only one year away with the Gunners.

But Wenger insisted on defending the players, despite their chances of extending the contract at the small Emirates Stadium and Arsenal threatened to lose them for free by the end of next season.

Asked if he was happy Ozil would spend his contract term until the end of next season, Wenger said, “Yes. This is not a problem and I think it’s an ideal situation because every player has to perform. It should be no different even if you have two years or a year left, the player still appears on the pitch. ”

“I do not understand, do you really think if a player sits in the dressing room before playing and they think, ‘Oh, I only have one more year on my contract, so I will not play well today?’ Where is it from? And what to do with the length of the player contract? “He added.

“And even if players leave the club afterwards, it does not matter. It looks normal to me and I am amazed you are surprised at it. I think in the future you will better understand, because the transfer fee becomes very high. I am confident that in the next ten years this will be a common thing, “he continued.

Reports claim that Sanchez will try to force his transfer to Manchester City next week. The Chilean striker is scheduled to return to Arsenal on Sunday but he postponed it for admitting illness and Wenger confirmed that his players had the flu.

If Arsenal decide to sell their star players before their contract runs out, then they can at least get 125 million pounds. Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have a transfer value of around 50 million pounds today, while Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain costs at least 25 million pounds. (Source: The Sun)

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