Aji Santoso: No Assurance Team Upper Easy Team

Aji Santoso: No Assurance Team Upper Easy Team

Derbi East Java will be presented again in the continued competition of League 1, when host Persegres Gresik United host Arema FC at the Petrochemical Stadium, Gresik, Wednesday (12/7/2017) evening.

Although titled derbi, but in fact the team will meet each other to have quite a difference in the standings. Arema FC is ranked 4th, while Persegres still scattered in 17th position from 18 contestants.

However, Arema FC coach Aji Santoso is reluctant to underestimate the strength of Laskar Joko Samudro’s team.

“There is no guarantee the top teams will be able to beat the bottom board with ease. With the record, the players if not the maximum, it will be dangerous, because football is not a count on the paper, “said Aji in a press conference before the game, Tuesday (11/7/2017).

“If on paper, Arema is superior in terms of points, in terms of goal difference Arema is superior. But football is on the pitch, not on paper, “he said.

But the former architect Persela Lamongan is optimistic, Kurnia Meiga and his friends will be able to get points at the headquarters Persegres, to continue the competition at the top of the standings.

“But I am sure we will be able to earn points. With the record, all players can run the instruction well, want to fight out all the ability, and more concentration again. Because I also do not want later all players Arema slightly under estimated with the power of Persegres, because this can be a danger, “said Aji.

Aji hopes, Arema players can be totally facing Persegres to get a positive result, because of the 18 players he brought to Gresik are all in a state fit and ready to undergo a match. Including the marquee player, Juan Pablo Pino.

“Facing Persegres, hopefully can be a positive result. All players are ready and fit to play tomorrow night. Pino come, only we see the development later, whether the first or second play. If he brought me here, of course the condition is ready. But I have not bias sure, whether he will play starter or substitution player, “said Aji.

The same is also voiced by senior midfielder Arema FC, Ahmad Bustomi. He insisted that Singo Edan’s team players are in combat-ready condition, and have a passion for winning the match.

“As the coach says, the team’s condition is good. Friends are also in a state that is ready for everything. Hopefully the match tomorrow Arema team can be full points, because our target can continue to compete in the top, “said Bustomi.

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