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Joe Allen Determined to Bring Wales to Russia Next Year

Joe Allen Determined to Bring Wales to Russia Next Year

Midfielder Joe Allen is eager enough to bring the Wales national team to qualify and bring the team to Russia in 2018 World Cup 2018 automatically.

Where, Stoke City midfielder is targeting the maximum points in the remaining two World Cup qualifying games will be held in October mendatnag.

And with a 2-0 win over Moldova over the weekend, Wales have climbed over the Republic of Ireland to be second in the standings, behind Serbia who have topped the standings.

Nevertheless, Chris Coleman’s team are now among the best second-placed delapam, where they will advance into play-offs. And Allen, still optimistic if Wales can seize the Serbian position, which only four points ahead.

“It will not be easy, but we want to get the maximum points, and let’s see what the game will bring us,” Allen told local media.

“The big thing is if we have collected six points from this camp, and the team has the momentum to enter the final round of the fight. It’s hard work, it’s quite frustrating when it’s against moldova. We got all the important goals and kept pressing. “

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Fiji Wants to Steal Science from the Indonesian national team

Fiji Wants to Steal Science from the Indonesian national team

Fiji coach, Christophe Gamel, admitted Indonesian national team has better quality in test match at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (02/09/2017) Agen Sbobet. That’s why they hope to learn from the Red and White team.

Many who predict the Indonesian national team will win easily over Fiji. FIFA ranking in Indonesia is better than Fiji. They are only ranked 181 and the Indonesian national team in position 170.

Even so, Fiji remains determined to provide fierce resistance to Boaz Solossa and his friends. In addition, Gamel also admitted his team also has its own mission, namely stealing knowledge from the national team.

“I know the Indonesian national team is an aggressive team, and when they lose the ball they will push in. Against a team like this we can grow We are still a young team We will work hard and I can not wait to start tomorrow,” said Gamel at Aston Hotel, Bekasi, Friday (1/9/2017).

In Fiji, soccer is not a popular sport. The people there prefer rugby as their favorite sport. In fact, even small children prefer to rugby rather than soccer.

It is also recognized captain of Fiji, Roy Krishna. However, he believes in the next few years football will become a favorite sport in his hometown.

Not Favorite Sports

“The boys are born to play rugby, it’s a very demanding sport, very tough, and vulnerable to injury, but football is increasingly recognized,” Krishna said.

“We are doing a lot of changes at the federation level, we are also bringing in new coaches and we are also developing young football, I am sure the next four to five years of Fijian football can be very good,” he added.

Previously, Gamel appealed to the players are wary of the speed of the Indonesian national team players. Understandably, the team has fast players like Andik Vermansah, Rizki Pora, Irfan Bachdim, and Boaz.

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Antonio Valencia: We miss the Champions League

Antonio Valencia: We miss the Champions League

Manchester United player Antonio Valencia admits he missed the Champions League, and can not wait to play the competition.

The Red Devils have not been on the Champions League list in a while, but in their last record in 2015 they can not get away from the group stage.

“Surely I miss the Champions League, I want to immediately melakoni cons, it’s been long we seklai absent in the event,” said Valencia.

“Now of course many scary clubs are following this event, I would be embarrassed if I did not prepare everything regularly, we should be able to focus.”

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Menpora Ask Indonesia U-22 National Team Play at the Great Stadium

Menpora Ask Indonesia U-22 National Team Play at the Great Stadium

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrawi, asked Sea Games 2017 organizers to provide a larger stadium for the U-22 national team match. This is related to the absence of supporters of Indonesia.

“If we give Indonesia a 50,000-capacity stadium, hopefully this will be heard by the organizers,” said Imam at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (8/23/2017).

As is known, citizens who work in Malaysia quite a lot. Noted there are four million citizens living in the neighbor country.

There are complaints from Indonesian supporters when the U-22 national team faced Vietnam in the group phase. They are not allowed to buy tickets even when the sales counter is open.

Concerning this request, Imam Nahrawi has received a good signal from the leadership of the Indonesian contingent in Malaysia. Indonesia’s proposal is being considered.

“I got the progress considered for the next game,” he said.

As the runner-up of Group B, Indonesia U-22 national team will face Malaysia at Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday (8/26/2017). The stadium can accommodate 80 thousand people.

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When Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Malaysia Spy Troop Luis Milla

When Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Malaysia Spy Troop Luis Milla

Malaysia U-22 national team coach, Ong Kim Swee, present at the Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, on Thursday (24/08/2017) Agen Sbobet. He watched the game Indonesia versus Cambodia.

Game between U-22 national team counter Cambodia ended with a score of 2-0 to victory Red and White.

Two goals Garuda Young squad on the match Indonesia vs Cambodia was created in the second half.

At this moment Ong Kim Swee notes some of the things he sees.

Young Tiger squad trainer is present in Shah Alam could be with the aim of watching the game foster children Luis Milla.

Indonesia met Malaysia in SEA Games 2017 semifinal which took place on Saturday (08/26/2017) night.

Unfortunately, Kim Swee did not give any information to the media after this fight.

Because, 46-year-old man is quickly leaving the VIP stadium after the game is over.

Kim Swee looks diligently watching the game Indonesia vs Cambodia from the bench over the VIP tribune.

He also can begin to map the strength of Indonesia that will face foster children this weekend, Saturday (23/08/2017).

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Stoke City 1-0 Arsenal (Premier League)

Stoke City 1-0 Arsenal (Premier League)

Stoke City vs Arsenal, Saturday, August 19, 2017, at 23:30 pm, Bet365 Stadium, Stoke.

Stoke, Sundern – Arsenal claimed their first Premier League defeat of the season on matchday 2 when facing Stoke City.

Stoke conquered Arsenal with a score of 1-0 thanks to a mere puppet goal from Jese Rodriguez dimenit 47th.

This victory makes Stoke points temporary to be 3. While this defeat Arsenal hold on point 3.

The match following Stoke on Matchday 3 is a visit to West Bromwich Albion headquarters. Kick off will start on Sunday, August 27, 2017, at 19:30 pm.

While Arsenal will travel to the headquarters of Liverpool on the same day, at 22:00 pm.

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Solly March Proudly Live Debut in English Premier League

Solly March Proudly Live Debut in English Premier League

Brighton & Hove Albion midfielder Solly March said he was very happy to make his Premier League debut 2017-2018 against Manchester City at the weekend.

The 23-year-old is a native product of the Brighton academy which Chris Hughton believes is worthy of promotion into the first squad.

The result was that the player managed to play his role well despite The Seagulls losing 2-0 at Falmer stage by foster children Pep Guardiola.

“It was a difficult game and an easy introduction to the Premier League but we know we will not face such teams every week. We look forward to next week, “Solly told the media.

“We are under pressure for five minutes or more but they are difficult to play against this. Because this is a special day for us all and this is a proud moment for me to debut in the Premier League. “

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Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid: 5 Important Points Of Toughness 10 El Real Player Mails Barca At Camp Nou

Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid: 5 Important Points Of Toughness 10 El Real Player Silence Barca At Camp NouReal Madrid must play with 10 players against Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup first leg at Camp Nou on Monday (14/8) early morning hrs Judi Bola Online. Various exciting incidents happen. Cristiano Ronaldo should be out of the field because it is considered diving. While Barca get a penalty after Suarez diving.

The Portuguese superstar earned his first yellow card after a celebration, took off the jersey and then repeated the celebration of Lionel Messi in a duel of El Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu last season.

A second yellow card was received when the court considers Ronaldo dive in a duel with Samuel Umtiti. The incident occurred in the 82nd minute. Winger 32 years and even then did not expect to get a red card. He even had time to encourage the referee because of it.

However, Ronaldo’s winning goal has already motivated Zinedine Zidane’s men to win the game, after Lionel Messi scored the equalizer. El Real own first goal created thanks to Gerard Pique’s suicide pocket.

Despite the shortage of players, El Real still able to show the class. And Marco Asensio finally closed the benefits of Madrid to 3-1, a few moments before the game broke up.

Here are five important points of toughness 10 players Real Madrid silenced Barca

1. Deulofeu unable to fill the hole left by Neymar

Public increasingly convinced that Gerard Deulofeu is actually not a phenomenal figure when defending Everton, or when loaned to AC Milan last season. As per the facts on the ground, Deulofeu does look like a worthy replacement.

How many days before, many people mocked Neymar’s move by saying the Brazilian national team penggawa prefer against Guingamp rather than against Real Madrid. Yes, Neymar debut with Paris Saint-Germain against Guingamp, Monday (14/8) early morning hrs.

Perhaps, the critics will silence a thousand languages ​​after watching the debut of Neymar early this morning. The world transfer record breaker successfully scored goals while assisting Edinson Cavani in PSG’s 3-0 win over Guingamp. So how does that compare with Deulofeu?

2. The old troops of Barcelona must begin to set the portion

The ad bearing Qatar in the Barcelona jersey has changed with a new sponsor, Rakuten, along with the slogan “Believe in the future” which means believing in the future. The statement should motivate Barca to immediately regenerate his players.

Real Madrid have already begun to rearrange the squad by entering a number of younger players despite not having a flashy name, especially since the arrival of Zidene Zidane. Names like Lucas Vazquez, Marco Asensio, Marcos Llorente to Borja Mayoral began to gain a place in El Real’s core team. Zidane did not even hesitate to put Ronaldo on the bench.

This season alone, Zidane prefer to bring young penggawa, namely Theo Hernandez (19 years) and Dani Ceballos (21). Of course this is different from their habit of bringing players labeled stars.

What about Barcelona? El Barca still rely on senior players like Ivan Rakitic (29), Pique (30), Messi (30), Suarez (30) and Iniesta (33) to compete at least in two competitions, La Liga and Champions League. Of course a line of players can not be said as the future of Barca. Neymar is the future of Barca, but they just let him go.

Barca actually been launched to build the future since last season. Throughout 2016, the Catalan team has brought in five players with an average age of 23 years. They are Samuel Umtiti, Andre Gomes, Lucas Digne, Paco Alcacer and Denis Suarez. But from among the names, only Umtiti is able to compete in the core team. They are like losing with big names like Messi, Suarez, Neymar and Iniesta. Barcelona also bring in young penggawa this season, namely Deulofeu, Marlon Santos and Nelson Semedo. But will they get more opportunities?

3. Zidane’s dilemma

This feeling was once experienced the last time Zidane had to put Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench.

Ronaldo came on as a substitute when Madrid face Manchester United in the European Super Cup stage what time ago. That’s because the superstar just joined his colleagues after getting a longer vacation period for following the 2017 Confederations Cup.

And the decision happened again when Los Blancos face counter Barcelona in the Super Cup Spain, Monday (14/8) early morning hrs. Ronaldo came in the second half of the bench.

Ronaldo came on as a substitute when Madrid face Manchester United in the European Super Cup stage what time ago. That’s because the superstar just joined his colleagues after getting a longer vacation period for following the 2017 Confederations Cup.

And the decision happened again when Los Blancos face counter Barcelona in the Super Cup Spain, Monday (14/8) early morning hrs. Ronaldo came in the second half of the bench.

Zidane relied on a 4-4-2 formation when Gareth Bale struggled with injuries, most of last season. The tactic turned out to be sweet, with Isco becoming the most prominent player and Madrid won two titles.

What should Zidane do if the BBC trio (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo) are entirely fit? Will it stick with the 4-4-2 scheme, or back to 4-3-3?

Nevertheless, Zidane seems to keep prioritizing his strategy rather than the availability of players. The proof, in action early this morning, the plain-headed coach chose to lose Ronaldo as a substitute Karim Benzema.

4. The emergence of ‘horns’ Luis Suarez

Overall career in the Spanish League stage, Suarez has not caused much trouble. No more bites or anything controversial. There are only a lot of goal scoring.

However, in a state of distress, Suarez’s dark side seems to come out. He tried to find every way to help his team, even in a way that was not moral.

When Barcelona behind 0-1, precisely the 75th minute, Keylor Navas trying to secure the ball throwing the results of Messi kick and Suarez trying to maximize his chances. As both began to approach the ball, Suarez suddenly fell in the penalty area. Based on replays, no meaningful contact between Navas and Suarez. Is this arguably a diving?

Different conditions experienced by Cristiano Ronaldo. How many minutes after bringing Real Madrid a 2-1 lead thanks to a spectacular goal, Ronaldo get a second yellow card alias red card for diving by the referee. Whereas previously Ronaldo was dueling and there was physical contact with Samuel Umtiti.

5. El Clasico feels like a friendly match

In Miami, USA, the two teams showed an entertaining match in a test match last July. So the Spanish Super Cup bout should be the start of a real fight. But the fact is not.

Tribune Camp Nou actually filled the audience with Real Madrid jersey. When Marcelo took action on the heel kick, there was the sound of ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ around the stadium. The real El Clasico is not like this.

According to local media reports, many Barcelona residents are on holiday in August. So they become empty stool filled by tourists, who really want to watch this fight and fill their holiday perfectly.

Camp Nou early this morning feels more like a venue than a football stadium. They do not seem to care that there will actually be a second match at Santiago Bernabeu in the middle of the week, where the winner will be determined.

(Source: Mirror)

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Things That May Occur at Week 19 of League 1

Things That May Occur at Week 19 of League 1

Week 19 of League 1 will start rolling Friday (11/08/207). This week will open with a match between Mitra Kukar and Barito Putera at 15.00 WIB, followed by Sriwijaya FC host Semen Padang.

Five things that might happen in the 19th week.

1. Top of the table shift

Madura United temporarily topped the standings by summarizing 35 points. Team nicknamed Laskar Sapeh Kerrab is two points ahead of its closest competitor, Persipura Jayapura.

Most likely, Madura United will be difficult to maintain its position as pemuncak standings. Fabiano Beltrame and his friends will travel to Bali United headquarters.

The home side will be eyeing victory after swallowing defeat from Persipura Jayapura last week. Widodo C Putro besutan team is also very tough at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium because Bali United successfully recorded 6 wins and two defeats.

Even Irfan Bachdim and friends always record clean sheets when victory. Some of these factors make Madura United seem difficult to win at the headquarters of Bali United.

Conversely, Persipura Jayapura has a great chance to bring home full points when they travel to the headquarters of Persegres Gresik United. Gresik is the team caretaker after only collecting seven points from 18 matches. Gresik cage record is very bad because they swallow five defeats and only once won.

Therefore, Persipura is not expected to be difficult to achieve victory at the Tridarma Stadium.

2. Top scorer still belongs to Sylvano Comvalius

Bali United striker Sylvano Comvalius is temporarily the top scorer with 14 goals. The Dutch striker was only one goal ahead of his closest competitor, Peter Odemwingie.

The Bali United match against Madura United will be the proof of who is the strongest between Sylvano and Peter. Sylvano spelled out very sharply if Bali United play at home.

30-year-old attacker was only once failed to score when Bali Untited beat Persib Bandung 1-0. The rest, he always scored goals and assists at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium.

Total he scored seven goals and one assist. He once scored two goals in one game when Bali United shaved Barito Putera with a score of 5-0.

3. Arema FC vs Persib will drag goals

Arema will host Persib Bandung at Kanjuruhan Stadium on Saturday (12/08/2017). This match was held only a day after Arema FC celebrated the 30th anniversary.

The match will take place interesting considering the meeting of two big teams. However, in result, this fight will potentially drag goals even without goals.

If it refers to the last meeting, the two teams have three consecutive seasons to grab a goalless draw.

4. Awakening Persija Jakarta

Persija’s unbeaten record in 12 matches was broken in Barito Putera’s hands last week. Team nicknamed Macan Kemayoran swallow defeat of the host with the score 0-1.

Bambang Pamungkas and his friends are predicted to be back on track victory this week when entertaining Persiba Balikpapan. As is known Persiba is hit by a complicated problem. In addition to being in the zone, the team nicknamed the Bear Honey left by coach Milomir Seslija.

5. Reinaldo’s sweet debut

This week will be the debut of a number of new foreign attackers like Ilija Spasojevic (Bhayangkara FC), Reinaldo da Costa (Persija Jakarta), Pavel Purishkin (PSM Makassar) and Ezechiel N Douassel (Persib Bandung).

From a number of foreign attackers, Reinaldo is expected to score goals in his debut action. Reinaldo’s ambition to add to his nine-goal coffers.

In addition, he wants to win the heart of The Jakmania by directly scoring against goal Persib Balikpapan on Saturday (12/08/2017).

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Real Madrid president confirms Gareth Bale’s status

Real Madrid president confirms Gareth Bale’s status

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, close the opportunities for enthusiasts Gareth Bale Judi Online. He confirmed that Bale’s status was not sold because Los Blancos never had such a plan

Perez statement at once be the answer to the desire of Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, who wants to hook Bale. Mourinho said that Man United are ready to compete with other clubs to recruit Bale for the 28-year-old wants to leave Santiago Bernabeu.

“Every win is very important to us but we have to do it step by step,” Perez said after Real Madrid won 2-1 at Man United in a European Super Cup tie at Skopje on Tuesday (08/08/2017).

“Bale? I have no plans to sell him, he is a Madrid player, he is important to us and he is one of the best players in the world.”

“Buy the players? I do not think it will happen again, we already have great players.”

“My idea and Zidane after winning the Champions League is not doing anything, we just want to keep this team.”

Indeed, before this European Super Cup duel, Mourinho expressed his desire to buy Bale, especially if the former Tottenham Hotspur star was not revealed by coach Zinedine Zidane. In fact, Bale appeared and provide assists for the creation of Madrid’s second goal dilkown by Isco.

Perez also talks about the transfer of Neymar, who brought Paris Saint-Germain after redeeming his release clause worth 222 million euros (about Rp 3.4 trillion). According to him, Barcelona remain a strong team without the Brazilian striker.

“Barça without Neymar? Barca have a great team and will be two very difficult matches against them (Super Spanish Cup) We will try to beat them with the enthusiasm of this match,” he said.

The Spanish Super Cup, which brings together La Liga and Copa del Rey champions last season, will take place in two legs. The first match took place at Camp Nou on Sunday, August 13, before Real Madrid hosted three days ago.