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Ajax Player’s Career Threatened for Permanent Brain Damage

Ajax Player’s Career Threatened for Permanent Brain Damage

Ajax Amsterdam midfielder, Abdelhak Nouri, threatened to end his career at the age of 20 years. Because, he suffered permanent brain damage Agen Bola Terpercaya.

Abdelhak Nouri is under the care of the medical team. The trigger, he collapsed suddenly in a pre-season match counter Werder Bremen in Lindenstadion, Hippach City, Austria, Saturday (08/07/2017).

The match was stopped more than ten minutes to give the medical team time to deal with Nouri’s condition. In a coma, the Moroccan-born Dutchman was rushed to a hospital in Innsbruck Town and was diagnosed with brain damage.

Nouri’s brother, Abderrahim, provides information on the development of Abdelhak’s condition. Based on his narrative, Abdelhak’s career is likely to end.

“The doctors are pretty sure that Abdelhak will not heal.If Abdelhak realizes he will not be able to think, eat, talk, walk, or even know other people, his brain will not function as usual,” Abderrahim told Dutch media Algemeen Dagblad .

Nevertheless, Abderrahim and his family claimed to be not 100 percent submissive and believe in a doctor’s diagnosis.

“We will not give in. God is the one who will decide his fate, in our religion Islam teaches to accept all calamities and we will continue to pray for the healing,” said Abderrahim.

“We think life is only temporary and the eternal is after it, but everyone will want to see it score first,” he said.

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Aji Santoso: No Assurance Team Upper Easy Team

Aji Santoso: No Assurance Team Upper Easy Team

Derbi East Java will be presented again in the continued competition of League 1, when host Persegres Gresik United host Arema FC at the Petrochemical Stadium, Gresik, Wednesday (12/7/2017) evening.

Although titled derbi, but in fact the team will meet each other to have quite a difference in the standings. Arema FC is ranked 4th, while Persegres still scattered in 17th position from 18 contestants.

However, Arema FC coach Aji Santoso is reluctant to underestimate the strength of Laskar Joko Samudro’s team.

“There is no guarantee the top teams will be able to beat the bottom board with ease. With the record, the players if not the maximum, it will be dangerous, because football is not a count on the paper, “said Aji in a press conference before the game, Tuesday (11/7/2017).

“If on paper, Arema is superior in terms of points, in terms of goal difference Arema is superior. But football is on the pitch, not on paper, “he said.

But the former architect Persela Lamongan is optimistic, Kurnia Meiga and his friends will be able to get points at the headquarters Persegres, to continue the competition at the top of the standings.

“But I am sure we will be able to earn points. With the record, all players can run the instruction well, want to fight out all the ability, and more concentration again. Because I also do not want later all players Arema slightly under estimated with the power of Persegres, because this can be a danger, “said Aji.

Aji hopes, Arema players can be totally facing Persegres to get a positive result, because of the 18 players he brought to Gresik are all in a state fit and ready to undergo a match. Including the marquee player, Juan Pablo Pino.

“Facing Persegres, hopefully can be a positive result. All players are ready and fit to play tomorrow night. Pino come, only we see the development later, whether the first or second play. If he brought me here, of course the condition is ready. But I have not bias sure, whether he will play starter or substitution player, “said Aji.

The same is also voiced by senior midfielder Arema FC, Ahmad Bustomi. He insisted that Singo Edan’s team players are in combat-ready condition, and have a passion for winning the match.

“As the coach says, the team’s condition is good. Friends are also in a state that is ready for everything. Hopefully the match tomorrow Arema team can be full points, because our target can continue to compete in the top, “said Bustomi.

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For Barcelona, ​​Paulinho Rela Cut Salary

For Barcelona, ​​Paulinho Rela Cut Salary
Brazilian midfielder Paulinho hopes the Barcelona club is willing to sign him in the transfer market this summer. The man who once ‘one stage’ with Japanese porn star was even willing to cut salaries in order to realize his dream Judi Online Terpercaya.

Barcelona are reportedly eyeing some midfielders in the summer transfer market in 2017. In addition to Marco Verratti, Paulinho is the Catalan team’s target.

In fact, Barcelona has been mentioned proposing to Guangzhou Evergrande. However, the offer was rejected by the Chinese Super League club.

Paulinho also expressed his disappointment at the attitude taken by management of Guangzhou Evergrande. The Brazilian midfielder hopes that his club will not do the same if there is a second bid from Barcelona.

“I’m a little surprised because Guangzhou has not responded to Barcelona, ​​and then there is news if club management rejects the offer,” said Paulinho.

“I can not talk to the President of Guangzhou because we have to play in Beijing but I hope that if Barcelona comes, Guangzhou will be flexible and the transfer process can be realized,” said Paulinho.

“Money is not everything to me, every player can earn money in any team, I have a dream to win the Champions League, I can win it with Barcelona,” said Paulinho.

Paulinho joined Guangzhou Evergrande from Tottenham Hotspur for a transfer fee of 14 million euros (Rp 210 billion) in 2015. To date, he has scored 26 goals and eight assists from a total of 89 games in various events.

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Not Long After Return Umrah, Djanur Pimpin Persib to Madura

Not Long After Return Umrah, Djanur Pimpin Persib to Madura
Coach Persib Bandung, Djadjang Nurdjaman, has returned to the city of Bandung, Thursday (6/7/2017) night, after carrying out the umrah service about a week.

After Umrah, this Majalengka coach does not have much time to rest.

He went directly to Madura with entourage team Maung Bandung, Friday (7/7/2017) morning, to prepare for Madura United in away games Liga 1 2017, Sunday (9/7/2017).

“I got home yesterday at 7 pm,” said Djadjang before leaving for Madura.

Djanur, greeting familiar Djadang, said, during his stay in the Holy Land, he did not waste time. Most of the opportunities he used to perform worship.

“Activities during Umrah just like that, routine tawaf, shave hair, night prayer,” he said.

Even so, this Majalengka coach still took the time to monitor the condition of his team by communicating with Herrie Setyawan, the assistant.

In addition, Djanur also monitored the appearance of his foster children when facing PSM Makassar at home game on Wednesday (5/7/2017) via streaming video.

“Yesterday (PSM opponent) I saw through streaming, but I did not watch one game, the game looks good, hopefully later (Madurese opponent) can maintain good game,” he said.

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September, Indonesian National Team Trial Against Fiji

September, Indonesian National Team Trial Against Fiji
Indonesian national team is scheduled to host the national team Oceania, Fiji, on September 2, 2017. Now, the candidate opponent is in the order of 181 FIFA rankings or six steps under the Garuda squad Agen

Trial match will be held in the third range of FIFA official test calendar throughout this year, ie on August 28-September 5, 2017.

“Yes, Indonesia national team will try against Fiji on September 2, 2017. We also have corresponded to FIFA,” said Vice Chairman of PSSI, Joko Driyono, Wednesday (5/7/2017).

The three stadiums located in the Greater Jakarta area became an option to digelarnya official test of the third Indonesian national team under the direction of Luis Milla.

“The match will take place around Jakarta, most likely at Pakansari Stadium,” said the man who also serves as the Executing Officer (Plt) Secretary General of PSSI.

Just like the game counter Puerto Rico, Milla is likely to re-summon a number of senior players when entertaining Fiji. In fact, it could be more than five players.

“So, the team that will be revealed must be different from the U-22 national team.PSSI also anticipate if U-22 national team qualified for the final SEA Games (August 29, 2017),” said Joko.

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