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Bhayangkara FC Increases Zah Rahan To Replace Evan Dimas


Bhayangkara FC Increases Zah Rahan To Replace Evan Dimas

Bhayangkara FC secretly eyeing a foreign player who last season played in Malaysia Liga, Zah Rahan. Currently management of The Guardian through the manager AKBP Sumardji mentions if his side has made communication with former players Felda United.

Currently the player from Liberia has no club status again after not wanting to continue playing with Felda United. Given this time Felda has certainly relegated to the Premier League Malaysia due to license hampered.

Keep in touch

Sumardji himself claimed to have been attracted by the game Zah Rahan. Moreover, the player is very eloquent to play as a regulator where the current role is that there is no player bertipikal it at BFC after they release Evan Dimas to Selangor FA.

“I admit to having communicated with him. By asking about her. Concerned about recruiting him, yes, we know the quality of him as, journalists themselves can judge whether or not Zah Rahan play at BFC, “said Sumardji.

“I really have not dared say anything. His position is again idle, but once again the current communication with the player has been done, “he added.

Furthermore, Sumardji promised to announce the recruitment of Zah Rahan no later than December 20th. In addition to Zah Rahan some new players will also be announced.

“Communication yes yes, for the role of a replacement Evan really yes very necessary. Later wait after the 20th I can confirm it, “he concluded.

Indeed if BFC properly recruit Zah Rahan would be a profit. Given Zah Rahan has felt joining several clubs of the country such as Persekabpas Pasuruan, Persipura Jayapura and Sriwijaya FC before to Malaysia since 2013. The Liberian player has still left a good impression so far.

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Iwan Setiawan Optimistic Borneo FC Broke Goalkeeper Persija

Iwan Setiawan Optimistic Borneo FC Broke Goalkeeper Persija

Borneo FC host Persija Jakarta at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda, on Saturday (28/10/2017). Borneo FC coach, Iwan Setiawan, feel confident his team is able to break down Persija goalkeeper who has been known to have the best defense with the least number of conceded in League 1.

Persija counter contra will be a reunion for Iwan Setiawan who had handled Macan Kemayoran. Iwan Setiawan also seemed enthusiastic about this match.

Borneo FC coach admitted Persija is currently still the best in defense. However, Iwan Setiawan claimed to have a plan to break into Persija goalkeeper who lost his flagship goalkeeper, Andritany Ardhiyasa, who should be absent due to yellow card accumulation.

“I agree on their defense, I see Ismed Sofyan, Rezaldi Hehanussa, Willian Pacheco and Maman Abdurrahman, I agree they are the best defender in League 1,” said Iwan Setiawan.

“However, I also see tomorrow there is something we can use to break into their goal, I already have a record for our successful breaking goal Persija,” he continued.

Borneo FC entertain Persija after the previous game won a landslide victory over Mitra Kukar 4-0 away in Tenggarong away. Iwan Setiawan was optimistic that the positive note in the last game could be repeated.

“We have to be sure we can score, let alone Lerby is on fire, so it’s just how his colleagues support Lerby We are not arrogant but optimistic,” said former Persija and Persebaya coach.

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Vujovic Want to Prove Persib Quality at PSM Headquarters

Vujovic Want to Prove Persib Quality at PSM Headquarters

Persib Bandung defender, Vladimir Vujovic, want to prove his team still have the capacity. Vujovic asked his colleagues perform better when visited the headquarters PSM Makassar, Sunday (15/10/2017).

Persib always achieve a draw in the last five games in the competition of League 1. This time, the team nicknamed Maung Bandung promises a better performance at the Stadio Andi Mattalatta, Makassar.

“I think against PSM Makassar, we can prove something better and get maximum points in Makassar,” said Vujovic, as reported by the official website Persib.

Vujovic optimistic Persib will bring home the numbers from a trip to Makassar. According to players from Montenegro, actually Persib has performed optimally, only less fortunate in a number of matches.

“We played well against Persipura, Sriwijaya FC, even against Persiba, we were a better team, before we got a red card – we should have won 1-0 on penalties but it was a strange decision,” he said.

Last meeting cons PSM at Andi Mattalatta Stadium last year, Persib stole one point. Vujovic realizes the team nicknamed Juku Eja is stronger now, but the chances remain for Persib.

“Last season we had a draw, why not for this season, so our target continues to get as many points as possible until the end of the season,” said Vujovic.

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Fiji Wants to Steal Science from the Indonesian national team

Fiji Wants to Steal Science from the Indonesian national team

Fiji coach, Christophe Gamel, admitted Indonesian national team has better quality in test match at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (02/09/2017) Agen Sbobet. That’s why they hope to learn from the Red and White team.

Many who predict the Indonesian national team will win easily over Fiji. FIFA ranking in Indonesia is better than Fiji. They are only ranked 181 and the Indonesian national team in position 170.

Even so, Fiji remains determined to provide fierce resistance to Boaz Solossa and his friends. In addition, Gamel also admitted his team also has its own mission, namely stealing knowledge from the national team.

“I know the Indonesian national team is an aggressive team, and when they lose the ball they will push in. Against a team like this we can grow We are still a young team We will work hard and I can not wait to start tomorrow,” said Gamel at Aston Hotel, Bekasi, Friday (1/9/2017).

In Fiji, soccer is not a popular sport. The people there prefer rugby as their favorite sport. In fact, even small children prefer to rugby rather than soccer.

It is also recognized captain of Fiji, Roy Krishna. However, he believes in the next few years football will become a favorite sport in his hometown.

Not Favorite Sports

“The boys are born to play rugby, it’s a very demanding sport, very tough, and vulnerable to injury, but football is increasingly recognized,” Krishna said.

“We are doing a lot of changes at the federation level, we are also bringing in new coaches and we are also developing young football, I am sure the next four to five years of Fijian football can be very good,” he added.

Previously, Gamel appealed to the players are wary of the speed of the Indonesian national team players. Understandably, the team has fast players like Andik Vermansah, Rizki Pora, Irfan Bachdim, and Boaz.

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Menpora Ask Indonesia U-22 National Team Play at the Great Stadium

Menpora Ask Indonesia U-22 National Team Play at the Great Stadium

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrawi, asked Sea Games 2017 organizers to provide a larger stadium for the U-22 national team match. This is related to the absence of supporters of Indonesia.

“If we give Indonesia a 50,000-capacity stadium, hopefully this will be heard by the organizers,” said Imam at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (8/23/2017).

As is known, citizens who work in Malaysia quite a lot. Noted there are four million citizens living in the neighbor country.

There are complaints from Indonesian supporters when the U-22 national team faced Vietnam in the group phase. They are not allowed to buy tickets even when the sales counter is open.

Concerning this request, Imam Nahrawi has received a good signal from the leadership of the Indonesian contingent in Malaysia. Indonesia’s proposal is being considered.

“I got the progress considered for the next game,” he said.

As the runner-up of Group B, Indonesia U-22 national team will face Malaysia at Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday (8/26/2017). The stadium can accommodate 80 thousand people.

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When Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Malaysia Spy Troop Luis Milla

When Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Malaysia Spy Troop Luis Milla

Malaysia U-22 national team coach, Ong Kim Swee, present at the Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, on Thursday (24/08/2017) Agen Sbobet. He watched the game Indonesia versus Cambodia.

Game between U-22 national team counter Cambodia ended with a score of 2-0 to victory Red and White.

Two goals Garuda Young squad on the match Indonesia vs Cambodia was created in the second half.

At this moment Ong Kim Swee notes some of the things he sees.

Young Tiger squad trainer is present in Shah Alam could be with the aim of watching the game foster children Luis Milla.

Indonesia met Malaysia in SEA Games 2017 semifinal which took place on Saturday (08/26/2017) night.

Unfortunately, Kim Swee did not give any information to the media after this fight.

Because, 46-year-old man is quickly leaving the VIP stadium after the game is over.

Kim Swee looks diligently watching the game Indonesia vs Cambodia from the bench over the VIP tribune.

He also can begin to map the strength of Indonesia that will face foster children this weekend, Saturday (23/08/2017).

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Things That May Occur at Week 19 of League 1

Things That May Occur at Week 19 of League 1

Week 19 of League 1 will start rolling Friday (11/08/207). This week will open with a match between Mitra Kukar and Barito Putera at 15.00 WIB, followed by Sriwijaya FC host Semen Padang.

Five things that might happen in the 19th week.

1. Top of the table shift

Madura United temporarily topped the standings by summarizing 35 points. Team nicknamed Laskar Sapeh Kerrab is two points ahead of its closest competitor, Persipura Jayapura.

Most likely, Madura United will be difficult to maintain its position as pemuncak standings. Fabiano Beltrame and his friends will travel to Bali United headquarters.

The home side will be eyeing victory after swallowing defeat from Persipura Jayapura last week. Widodo C Putro besutan team is also very tough at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium because Bali United successfully recorded 6 wins and two defeats.

Even Irfan Bachdim and friends always record clean sheets when victory. Some of these factors make Madura United seem difficult to win at the headquarters of Bali United.

Conversely, Persipura Jayapura has a great chance to bring home full points when they travel to the headquarters of Persegres Gresik United. Gresik is the team caretaker after only collecting seven points from 18 matches. Gresik cage record is very bad because they swallow five defeats and only once won.

Therefore, Persipura is not expected to be difficult to achieve victory at the Tridarma Stadium.

2. Top scorer still belongs to Sylvano Comvalius

Bali United striker Sylvano Comvalius is temporarily the top scorer with 14 goals. The Dutch striker was only one goal ahead of his closest competitor, Peter Odemwingie.

The Bali United match against Madura United will be the proof of who is the strongest between Sylvano and Peter. Sylvano spelled out very sharply if Bali United play at home.

30-year-old attacker was only once failed to score when Bali Untited beat Persib Bandung 1-0. The rest, he always scored goals and assists at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium.

Total he scored seven goals and one assist. He once scored two goals in one game when Bali United shaved Barito Putera with a score of 5-0.

3. Arema FC vs Persib will drag goals

Arema will host Persib Bandung at Kanjuruhan Stadium on Saturday (12/08/2017). This match was held only a day after Arema FC celebrated the 30th anniversary.

The match will take place interesting considering the meeting of two big teams. However, in result, this fight will potentially drag goals even without goals.

If it refers to the last meeting, the two teams have three consecutive seasons to grab a goalless draw.

4. Awakening Persija Jakarta

Persija’s unbeaten record in 12 matches was broken in Barito Putera’s hands last week. Team nicknamed Macan Kemayoran swallow defeat of the host with the score 0-1.

Bambang Pamungkas and his friends are predicted to be back on track victory this week when entertaining Persiba Balikpapan. As is known Persiba is hit by a complicated problem. In addition to being in the zone, the team nicknamed the Bear Honey left by coach Milomir Seslija.

5. Reinaldo’s sweet debut

This week will be the debut of a number of new foreign attackers like Ilija Spasojevic (Bhayangkara FC), Reinaldo da Costa (Persija Jakarta), Pavel Purishkin (PSM Makassar) and Ezechiel N Douassel (Persib Bandung).

From a number of foreign attackers, Reinaldo is expected to score goals in his debut action. Reinaldo’s ambition to add to his nine-goal coffers.

In addition, he wants to win the heart of The Jakmania by directly scoring against goal Persib Balikpapan on Saturday (12/08/2017).

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OFFICIAL: PSM Makassar Bring Winger Caps

OFFICIAL: PSM Makassar Bring Winger Caps

PSM Makassar finally officially inaugurated Zulham Zamrun’s recruitment. Official ex-winger Mitra Kukar be part skaku Juku Eja marked by the signing of the contract at the PSM Office, Monday (7/8).

Earlier arrival of this national team players a bit of a problem considering the previous club Mitra Kukar reluctant to release the release of Zulham because the player does not have good faith when out of the Dragon Mekes. But through the CEO, Munafri Safruddin this matter has been resolved.


“I think the Zulham process has been completed and the administrative process is in order. It’s no longer a problem with the old club and we immediately register it to PT LIB, “said Munafri told the club website.

Further arrival of players from Maluku is expected to contribute to the team especially the front lines. “We want him to give the best for the team,” he continued.

Meanwhile Zulham is enthusiastic after being ensured to be part of the Ramang army. Moreover, he was impatient to play in League 1 especially himself also has defended PSM in the game tonight. And coincidentally the opponent is his former club Mitra Kukar.

“I am very happy of course and grateful to be an official part of the PSM. I will try with other players to give the best results in every game, “Zulham said.

During the Juku Eja, Zulham will use his favorite number back number 7. He is also expected to defend PSM game tonight.

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Persib Officially Disconnects Carlton Cole Contract

Persib Officially Disconnects Carlton Cole Contract

Persib Bandung finally provide certainty about the fate of Carlton Cole Agen Casino. Persib management officially cut the former Chelsea striker’s contract.

Coach while Persib, Herrie “Jose” Setyawan, confirmed that Cole has left Bandung on Friday (4/8/2017) afternoon.

“I’ve been communicating, I say hopefully Cole can be a new team.He went back to Jakarta now, the plan tomorrow he went straight to England,” said Jose, when found in Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanjana, Bandung, Friday (4 / 8/2017).

“Today is his last day in Bandung, yesterday he did not have two exercises, he enjoyed the atmosphere in Bandung,” said Jose.

Before leaving Bandung, Jose had communicated with Cole.

To Cole, Jose apologized for not being able to do much in determining his future in Persib.

“Before I came here (Graha Persib) I could phone him too, I asked him and I can not do (much),” Herrie said.

“Yes I hope he can understand, no grudge, this is soccer, we must be professional, thank God he can understand and he said ‘see you’,” Herrie said.

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Aji Santoso: No Assurance Team Upper Easy Team

Aji Santoso: No Assurance Team Upper Easy Team

Derbi East Java will be presented again in the continued competition of League 1, when host Persegres Gresik United host Arema FC at the Petrochemical Stadium, Gresik, Wednesday (12/7/2017) evening.

Although titled derbi, but in fact the team will meet each other to have quite a difference in the standings. Arema FC is ranked 4th, while Persegres still scattered in 17th position from 18 contestants.

However, Arema FC coach Aji Santoso is reluctant to underestimate the strength of Laskar Joko Samudro’s team.

“There is no guarantee the top teams will be able to beat the bottom board with ease. With the record, the players if not the maximum, it will be dangerous, because football is not a count on the paper, “said Aji in a press conference before the game, Tuesday (11/7/2017).

“If on paper, Arema is superior in terms of points, in terms of goal difference Arema is superior. But football is on the pitch, not on paper, “he said.

But the former architect Persela Lamongan is optimistic, Kurnia Meiga and his friends will be able to get points at the headquarters Persegres, to continue the competition at the top of the standings.

“But I am sure we will be able to earn points. With the record, all players can run the instruction well, want to fight out all the ability, and more concentration again. Because I also do not want later all players Arema slightly under estimated with the power of Persegres, because this can be a danger, “said Aji.

Aji hopes, Arema players can be totally facing Persegres to get a positive result, because of the 18 players he brought to Gresik are all in a state fit and ready to undergo a match. Including the marquee player, Juan Pablo Pino.

“Facing Persegres, hopefully can be a positive result. All players are ready and fit to play tomorrow night. Pino come, only we see the development later, whether the first or second play. If he brought me here, of course the condition is ready. But I have not bias sure, whether he will play starter or substitution player, “said Aji.

The same is also voiced by senior midfielder Arema FC, Ahmad Bustomi. He insisted that Singo Edan’s team players are in combat-ready condition, and have a passion for winning the match.

“As the coach says, the team’s condition is good. Friends are also in a state that is ready for everything. Hopefully the match tomorrow Arema team can be full points, because our target can continue to compete in the top, “said Bustomi.

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