Iceland, the Country with Fewer Footballers than Indonesia

Iceland, the Country with Fewer Footballers than Indonesia

Quality above quantity. Such is the expression that can describe Iceland soccer

The limited number of human resources does not prevent the Icelanders from qualifying for the 2018 World Cup finals.

Yes, the number of soccer players in the country of origin of the band Sigur Ros is indeed really minimal.

According to the findings of Siggi Eyjolfsson who has handled the Icelandic women’s squad for seven years, the number of registered footballers there is only 22,100.

This amount is already classified as a lot for countries with small populations like Iceland.

The ratio reached 7.4 percent of some 300,000 residents.

With this ratio, Iceland is able to send a number of representations in the major European leagues.

There is Eidur Gudjohnsen who could strengthen Barcelona, ​​Gylfi Sigurdsson the whiz free-kick Premier League, and Alfred Finnbogason in the German League.

Compare it with Indonesia that in fact a country with a large population.

January 2017, PSSI Chairman Edy Rahmayadi had complained about the number of soccer players in the country.

There are only 67,000 registered footballers from 261 million Indonesians.

That is, the ratio of footballers to the population in Indonesia is only 0.025 percent.

Of these, Indonesia has few representatives abroad, Andik Vermansah in Malaysia and Ezra Walian in the Netherlands.

Learning from it, the large population is not a guarantee of the achievements of a country in football

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