OFFICIAL: PSM Makassar Bring Winger Caps

OFFICIAL: PSM Makassar Bring Winger Caps

PSM Makassar finally officially inaugurated Zulham Zamrun’s recruitment. Official ex-winger Mitra Kukar be part skaku Juku Eja marked by the signing of the contract at the PSM Office, Monday (7/8).

Earlier arrival of this national team players a bit of a problem considering the previous club Mitra Kukar reluctant to release the release of Zulham because the player does not have good faith when out of the Dragon Mekes. But through the CEO, Munafri Safruddin this matter has been resolved.


“I think the Zulham process has been completed and the administrative process is in order. It’s no longer a problem with the old club and we immediately register it to PT LIB, “said Munafri told the club website.

Further arrival of players from Maluku is expected to contribute to the team especially the front lines. “We want him to give the best for the team,” he continued.

Meanwhile Zulham is enthusiastic after being ensured to be part of the Ramang army. Moreover, he was impatient to play in League 1 especially himself also has defended PSM in the game tonight. And coincidentally the opponent is his former club Mitra Kukar.

“I am very happy of course and grateful to be an official part of the PSM. I will try with other players to give the best results in every game, “Zulham said.

During the Juku Eja, Zulham will use his favorite number back number 7. He is also expected to defend PSM game tonight.

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