Persib Officially Disconnects Carlton Cole Contract

Persib Officially Disconnects Carlton Cole Contract

Persib Bandung finally provide certainty about the fate of Carlton Cole Agen Casino. Persib management officially cut the former Chelsea striker’s contract.

Coach while Persib, Herrie “Jose” Setyawan, confirmed that Cole has left Bandung on Friday (4/8/2017) afternoon.

“I’ve been communicating, I say hopefully Cole can be a new team.He went back to Jakarta now, the plan tomorrow he went straight to England,” said Jose, when found in Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanjana, Bandung, Friday (4 / 8/2017).

“Today is his last day in Bandung, yesterday he did not have two exercises, he enjoyed the atmosphere in Bandung,” said Jose.

Before leaving Bandung, Jose had communicated with Cole.

To Cole, Jose apologized for not being able to do much in determining his future in Persib.

“Before I came here (Graha Persib) I could phone him too, I asked him and I can not do (much),” Herrie said.

“Yes I hope he can understand, no grudge, this is soccer, we must be professional, thank God he can understand and he said ‘see you’,” Herrie said.

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